Dance Visions Network
JUNE 17, 2017
10am, 2pm & 6pm

The Dana Center, Saint Anselm College

*Ticket day is Sunday, May 7, 9-11am
$16.50 per ticket

Cardio Strength Dance Fit
Wednesdays, Dance Visions Network

For those of you who want fast results in your body, this is a 1 hour class that uses a great combination of Cardio and Strength, keeping your mind and body wanting MORE!  Don't worry-- those of you who like to Dance, I will be still using a Cardio DanceFit formula integrated in 30-40 min of class.  30-20 min. of class will be strictly strength training core, upper and lower body. 

Be open to trying some new and innovative strength moves that you won't even realize that you are transforming and sculpting your body!  

This class is for ALL levels! 

Classes meet weekly, Drop Ins Always Welcome