Dance Visions Network

Studio Policies
At Dance Visions Network, we strive to provide a positive and professional environment for our staff, dancers, and parents.  We ask for everyone's cooperation in adhering to our school policies in order to maintain a high level of professionalism throughout the studio.
It is important for students to attend EVERY class and to be on time.  We work as a group for choreography purposes, therefore, attendance is ever so important.  Students are asked to contact the studio directly if they are going to be late or absent from class.  Students should not rely on another student to report that they will not be at class.  This applies to ALL students.

If a class is missed, you ARE responsible for payment, realizing that the class can be made up in a similar class at another time.  if class is "called off", there will be no charge.

A positive mental attitude is also expected from all students at Dance Visions Network.  Students are asked to enter the studio with a clear, focused mind and to leave all troubles or issues from the day at the door.

Class Placement
Returning students will be placed in a class based upon the students' age, ability, and experience.  Class placement of a student is a highly complex matter and decisions are well thought out and are made on an individual basis.

New students will be evaluated and, if necessary, may be moved to a more appropriate class.

Please be reminded that Dance Visions Network has been in operation for over 20 years and we ask that you respect the judgment of all staff in these matters.

Proper respect for the staff and teachers at Dance Visions Network is required by all students and parents.  Inappropriate behavior by a student or parent toward any member of the staff of Dance Visions Network could result in the dismissal of that student from class, or the studio.

Students should not bad mouth another student in or outside of the classroom.  Similarly, one student's abilities should not be compared to another student's abilities.  Each student is different with different abilities and progress.  A negative comment or focus on one student can be distracting to another student's continued progress and can also harm the overall atmosphere of the studio.

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential while at the studio.  We ask that all students clean and launder all dance clothing after each wear.  We also ask that students be sure to regularly wash their feet once leaving the studio.  Hair should always be clean and pulled back of the student's face neatly.

In addition, we ask that students use deodorant on a regular bass while at the studio and refrain from using perfume.  Foul odors inside the studio make a very unpleasant experience for all dancers.

Inclement Weather Cancellations
In the event of inclement weather, or the studio needs to close in the event of an emergency students and/or parents should call Dance Visions Network as an outgoing message will be left on the studio answering machine with cancellation details, when able to do so.

In some circumstances, students may be contacted directly by the studio staff to notify them of a cancellation.  Please be sure that the studio office has all up to date contact information for each student and/or parent.

Lost And Found
All students are responsible for their own belongings.  If and when personal items are left behind, they will be placed in the Lost & Found bin, which is located outside of the studio, near the student entrance.  if a student is missing any item(s), they are asked to please check the Lost & Found bin sooner rather than later as the bin will be emptied and all items donated to charity on a monthly basis.